"... I would like to thank you very much for everything, I would never have thought that my dream violin would be brought into my house for viewing.

Violas in hannover

relax your mind.

Fine, comfortable and reassuringly safe!

Life goes on. More thoughtful and careful hopefully and unfortunately with a little more distance between each other. Sometime, probably in autumn, the concert halls will open again, music universities and schools as well.

Better, competent, high quality. Violins, violas, cellos and bows from various first-class and renowned violin makers from several countries await you in the Vienna Violin Salon. Handmade instruments from Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, which you can play contactlessly and take with you for testing. A fine soap and a fresh towel are ready for you!


Or, even better, we can offer you a selection of fine instruments from several luthiers on your doorstep! Whether in Paris, Vienna, Graz, Munich, Cologne ... or Kickritzpotschen. We would be happy to organise first-class instruments from outstanding workshops for you, and our international network of violin makers is ideally equipped to do just that.

If, contrary to expectations, the selected test instrument does not fit you after all (this is a very individual matter), we will leave an empty box including a small packing instruction (it's quite simple) in front of your door as soon as you pick up the "sorted out" instruments. Please read it here ... 


Christian Gann


Play, amaze, test and ... This year's start of the touring series Werkschau Geigenbau in Vienna at the mdw has been cancelled.

The C. Schneider-Marfels violin is gone. The next one is coming soon.

Simply the best violin among 18 others. Thank you for the invitation to the Rostock University of Music, dear Professor Szumiel. We come there, where an instrument is sought and needed.

Two more timeless beauties.

Old imitation and full varnish.

To the bows

... in best quality and elaboration it goes

this way, please ...

Contemporary string instruments for contemporary musicians

Currently at the Vienna Violin Salon.

Violins von Alfred Binner, Wolfgang Buchinger, Christopher Ebersberger, Tony Echavidre, Andrea Frandsen, Florian Geyer, Ulf Kloo, Konrad Kohlert, Leonid Müller, Fabien Peyruc, Markus Scherschel, Cornelius Schneider-Marfels


Violas von Alfred Binner, Tony Echavidre, Florian Geyer, Jennifer Mohr, Viktor Müller, Andreas Ott (Kempten), Fabien Peyruc, Markus Scherschel, Katrien  Vandermeersch


Celli von Christopher J. Ebersberger, Florian Geyer, Christian Guidetti, Werner Hartwig, Martin Horvath, Tobias Krutz


Bows von Valdecir Ribeiro und Thomas Acker


Probably you too will find "your" instrument in this excellent selection! Make an appointment, play, select, test. Then you will know. See the cello by Florian Geyer, Karlsruhe.

Snowed in.

Cello by E. R. Brückner, Markneukirchen 1892. Beautifully crafted without soundpost and bass bar crack, which sounds excellent and has a strong tone. 

Modern manufactured cello. Well-rehearsed, used for years at university. 

As always, I am at your disposal for further questions.