1999 - 2019

Hello and welcome,

maybe we'll get to know each other personally sometime soon. 

My name is Christian Gann and I am at home in Vienna.


My original profession was book-, art- and music dealer. Today I am a mediator and traveler of and with instruments and bows in close cooperation with violin makers from different countries. Now with more than 20 years of experience. My travel area includes Germany, Croatia and Austria.


Searching for an instrument is usually not easy for musicians and often costs a lot of time which could otherwise be used for practice, rehearsals, projects, friends and family. 


Where is my optimally fitting instrument located? How do I get an overview of instruments as a musician? Well, at the Vienna Violin Salon, on the one hand, or on your own premises, by visiting you with a selection of instruments. Another possibility to get an overview or to discover your instrument right away is the series Werkschau Geigenbau, Contemporary String Instruments and Bows at Music Colleges and Universities. The current dates can be found in the On Tour 2019 section.


1999 - 2019: Currently in its 21st year special service provider for violin makers as well as organiser and promoter of the hiking series Werkschau Geigenbau.


With kind regards


Your Christian Gann