best service! comfortable and safe.

Call or write to us if you are looking for a violin, viola or cello (is very individual, we want to perceive you a little bit) and Covid-19 makes you uneasy. And also otherwise, if you like this home delivery of a selection of instruments.

After making an appointment, we will provide you with a first-class selection of instruments for playing from the network of renowned violin makers at your door, free of charge and without contact. If you have a luthier of your choice, name him or her and we will ask him or her.

But before that happens, we organize the best works from several violin makers in the network and bring them to a network workshop near you.

There they are cleaned again and quarantined together with the cases for 72 hours. Better safe than sorry, science still knows too little.


On the day of the appointment you will receive a message via email, WhatsApp ... including the current body temperature of the delivering luthier.

When he has arrived at your place, he will send you another message including a confirmation of receipt that he will now immediately park the instrument in front of your door. When he has finished, he will send you an okay. 
Then you bring the instruments in. The handles of the cases have been freshly disinfected. Please check immediately whether the take-over confirmation corresponds to the delivered instruments and confirm the take-over via Smartphone.

From now on you can try up to two hours. During that time, the deliverer goes for a walk, a business call or whatever. Don't worry about him.


If you find an instrument interesting, keep it for free for two weeks for intensive testing. You will find a prefilled loan contract in the case. Please sign it, make a photo and send it to the person who brings the instruments.


Afterwards please put the other instruments in front of your door and give your okay. They will be picked up immediately. An empty box will be left in front of your door in case you want to return the instrument after all. A short instruction for packing the instrument is enclosed. But it is very simple. Via online booking you can also have them picked up contactlessly by the post office or another parcel service. Cellos are picked up personally and also contactless: Date - Message - Okay - Ciao.

So simple! And it saves you a lot of time, money and unavoidable contacts in public, which hardly anyone wants.


This best service in exceptional times also applies to music universities, to professors ... if a student needs a top instrument, and of course also for demanding amateurs and lovers who want their money solidly invested.


A warm welcome

Christian Gann