Modern instruments for contemporary musicians

Variety of different sound and playing characteristics.  Vienna Violin Salon!

Come and try different top instruments of fabulous violin makers from Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Probably yours will also be there.


The photo shows a violin by Peter Erben, Munich.

currently in the viennese violin salon

Freshly arrived: 


Cellos von Heike Cockill und Peter Erben. 

Violas von Andrea Bischoff, Christopher Ebersberger, Florian Geyer, Andreas Ott, Fabien Peyruc.

Violins von David Deroy, Tony Echavidre, Andrea Frandsen, Cornelius Schneider-Marfels, Florian Geyer.

15 Violins von Wolfgang Buchinger, David Deroy, Tony Echavidre, Andrea Frandsen, Florian Geyer, Catherine Janssens, Ulf Kloo, Konrad Kohlert, Leonid Müller, Fabien Peyruc, Wolfram Ries, Markus Scherschel, Cornelius Schneider-Marfels


17 Violas von Alfred Binner, Bärbel Bellinghausen, Andrea Bischoff, Savine Delaporte, Tony Echavidre, Peter Erben, Florian Geyer, Jennifer Mohr, Viktor Müller, Andreas Ott (Kempten), Fabien Peyruc, Markus Scherschel, KatrienVandermeersch

8 cellos by Heike Cockill, Christopher J. Ebersberger, Peter Erben, Florian Geyer, Christian Guidetti, Werner Hartwig Jennifer Mohr, Wolfram Ries

Do you now even think that it is very, very possible that "your" instrument is also in this famous selection? See the cello on the picture by Florian Geyer, Karlsruhe.


To each his optimally fitting instrument at the highest level. Either by visiting the Vienna Violin Salon or at your place if you are not from Vienna.

If, contrary to expectations, there is still no optimally fitting instrument among them, we will jointly define the goal of your instrument or bow search according to your criteria and wishes. Based on this, I systematically organize the appropriate instruments or bows in cooperation with violin makers.

You will then receive a structured selection of instruments, filtered according to your criteria and requirements. Either at the Vienna Violin Salon or at your premises.

This selection is tailored to you and serves as an overview and basis for your decision-making. If necessary, it may also serve as a basis for defining further steps together.

Write to me or call me for an appointment.
Your Christian Gann

Premiere at the Munich University of Music!

werkschau geigenbau

5th to 7th Nov. 2019, Munich


Hiking series Werkschau Geigenbau, 
contemporary instruments and bows on  tour in music universities.

Further performances of the hiking series in autemn 2019 ...