To all musicians and violin makers as well as bow makers and their dearest, all the best!

We live from one day to the next in incredibly difficult times. Staying healthy and having a lot of strength to survive the life-threatening and professional as well as existential crisis that massively affects many cultural workers as well as service providers and employees in this environment and of course all other people. 

As far as the exhibitions at the Universities of Music are concerned, I have been assuming for a few days now that at least the two presentations at the Vienna University of Music mdw and at the University of Music Frankfurt cannot be carried out. Actually, I also see the autumn events as being massively endangered. 


Let's stay in touch.


Your Christian Gann


sold: Cornelius Schneider-Marfels violin

Two more timeless beauties. Altimitation and full varnishing

hiking series werkschau geigenbau

Modern instruments and bows at music universities.

Contemporary instruments for contemporary musicians

Variety of different sound and playing characteristics in the Vienna Violin Salon!


Try out top instruments of excellent violin makers from Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

It is quite possible that "yours" is also among them.


The violin on the left was made by Peter Erben, Munich.

Current at the Vienna Violin Salon

 Violins from Wolfgang Buchinger, David Deroy, Christopher Ebersberger, Tony Echavidre, Andrea Frandsen, Florian Geyer, Ulf Kloo, Konrad Kohlert, Leonid Müller, Fabien Peyruc, Markus Scherschel, Cornelius Schneider-Marfels


Violas from Alfred Binner, Andrea Bischoff, Tony Echavidre, Peter Erben, Florian Geyer, Jennifer Mohr, Viktor Müller, Andreas Ott (Kempten), Fabien Peyruc, Markus Scherschel, Katrien  Vander-meersch


Cellos from Christopher J. Ebersberger, Peter Erben, Florian Geyer, Christian Guidetti, Werner Hartwig, Jennifer Mohr, Wolfram Ries

Bows from Valdecir Ribeiro und Wolfgang Romberg


Very well possible that "your" instrument is also in this excellent selection. Or is it not?

Play, then you know it. See the cello by Florian Geyer, Karlsruhe.

Fine bows

From the great Brazilian bow-maker Valdecir Ribeiro, who learned his skills in France and Belgium, among others from Pierre Guillaume, for whom he still works today.